About Us

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Who we are

The four Russian agents pseudonymously running The America First Weekly:

Bedivere Bedrydant - @bedivere_knight

Bedivere is the Managing Editor of this weekly (meaning he does all the work). Rex quondam rexque futurus.

Cassian Stylus - @CassianStylus

The weight of this sad time we must obey. Speak what we feel not what we ought to say. The oldest hath borne most. We that are young shall never see so much nor live so long.

Ulysses S. Musculus - @musculus_s

Ulysses, in the tradition that freed the slaves, is hopeful that American Comrades of good will can free themselves.

Untameable Native King - @UntameableK

The dilettante son of the landed gentry who pays local pamphlets to publish his diatribes against the Globo-homo conspiracy and castrated Americans.

What we do

Every week our four editors will bring you Five Questions, Links & Screeds, and an original Featured Article as they create American writing for an American 21st century.

Five Questions

We are taking our Twitter DMs out into the open so everyone can see what we’re wondering about. Every week, on a rotating basis, one of our editors will do a short Q&A with an eminent or interesting figure, pseud or otherwise. We plan on setting up Twitter polls to let the people elect whom we interview (if the deplorables choose wrongly, we will send the poll to dead Twitter accounts to fix their mistake).

Links & Screeds

You’ll also hear directly from each editor, every week, in Links & Screeds, where each of us will comment on the news, on what we’re reading, share links, or just rant about castrated childless suburban white people (that’s Untameable Native King’s journalistic beat).

Featured Article

America First started on Medium, and we will continue publishing there. In every week’s edition of The America First Weekly, we will provide a “friends link” (no Medium subscription required) to an original article written by one of the editors.


Bedivere Bedrydant
Editor americafirstweekly.substack.com